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Prairie-Town Boy Carl Sandburg

Prairie-Town Boy

Carl Sandburg

ISBN : 9780152047108
248 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In those years as a boy in that prairie town, I met little wonders of many kinds. The great storyteller Carl Sandburgs account of his Midwestern youth is filled with family love, boyhood scrapes and adventures, and the exploration and discovery of his own America. Young Charlie has dreams of baseball fame- he is arrested for skinnydipping in a No Simming area- his first jobs as paper boy and pop-bottle washer lead to seeing the world on the road, soldiering, and finally a scholarship. On his way to Lombard College, he remembers one of his earliest lessons - that one can never have enough education, whether its gained in the classroom or through the adventures of life, the little wonders discovered in scraps and pieces.