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Color My Country Gail Keene

Color My Country

Gail Keene

ISBN : 9780613867917
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 About the Book 

Pride in our Nation is a glue that binds us together. It keeps us in touch with the lessons of our history, it inspires civic-mindedness, and it helps us to realize that in spite of our differences, we share a common purpose. In times of struggle against ill-defined enemies, patriotism has risen once more to the forefront of national consciousness. Its value rediscovered, the need for national pride to be instilled in our children is all the more evident.Color My Country is a color picture book that will inspire young childrens pride in our country. Its simple text is set at the end of the book to a musical score that children can learn to sing. Its vivid illustrations feature various states and the colorful things they stand for, including Californias orange groves, the amber of Kansas grain fields, and the green forests of Maine.