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Surfer Girl Lynn Blackmar

Surfer Girl

Lynn Blackmar

Kindle Edition
154 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

College student Arena Schmidt never wanted to be a secret agent. She interferes in a priority mission and steals a coveted technology, but is caught and imprisoned. Threatened with permanent menial employment unless she joins the CIA, she surrenders herself to the life of spy.Assigned to a geeky unit of CIA spies known as The Misfits, she struggles to recover the technology. Each Misfit offers a unique perspective and unconventional methods, from martial arts master Nate to enigmatic analyst Sterling to bubbly, enthusiastic Lorna. Slowly the Misfits win her over with their charm and their loyalty.Sinister organizations move against the CIA to capture more than just the technology, fragmenting the Misfits and shattering their resolve. Arena finds herself in the middle of gunfights and high-speed chases, on the run from the organizations treacherous double agent out to claim her and the technology for their own.